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sheila wristberg

Award-winning CEO, insurance expert, Top Leadership voice, and innovative strategist.

I am deeply committed to building leaders for Africa's future.

My interests span various areas, including insurance, risk management, leadership, talent development, ESG, and catalyzing Africa’s growth. My mission is to nurture leaders who not only focus on the present but also envision and shape the future.

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I speak to spark dialogues redefining leadership in Africa’s future. My talks spotlight progress fueled by embracing diversity, cultivating youth capabilities beyond limits, and guiding businesses to profit with purpose.

I walk the walk too by leading initiatives to close inclusion gaps while being a compassionate catalyst for emerging talents so marginalized voices can transform systems. My passion always ties back to people joined in progress..

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Future of Insurance Sheila Wristberg

Future of Insurance

by Sheila Wristberg Oct 14, 2022

How important is insurance to the future of the world? With emerging issues such as cyber risks, climate change risks, global geopolitics, uncertain economic conditions across countries, the great resignation, the Russian-Ukraine war, possible deglobalization, ESG considerations in business and rising inflation is the future of insurance exciting or bleak?

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